Kibana4: Analyzed string field warning

I have 3 JSON key value pairs in my document which I insert into
elasticsearch and visualize using Kibana4.The 3 JSON keys are NT,XTand
YT. The values are typically integers between 100 and 1000 for all the
three keys. Some typical values are 543,328 and 753. When I visualize
the keys in Kibana4 I get the below warning for each of the above three

This is an analyzed string field.Analyzed string fields are highly unique and can use a lot of memory to visualize

In an attempt to fix the above problem I have used the below shell script
to create a mapping for the document type in elastic search that contain
these keys.

My elasticsearch index is bits and my document type is nts and I am
trying to assign type long for 3 JSON keys in the document of type nts
namely NT, XT and YT.


curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/bits/nts/_mapping' -d '
        "events" : {
            "dynamic" : "strict",
            "properties" : {
                "NT" : {
                        type : "long" 
                "XT" : {
                        type : "long" 
                "YT"  : {
                        type : "long" 

The above mapping doesn't fix the problem and I am still getting the
analyzed string field warning. Can someone point out what could be wrong?

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