Kibanas Multi-User?

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We want to install the ELK-Stack for our centralized log-Management solution. One of our Requirements is that the GUI / the kibana user Interface is multitenant....

Do I have to install Shield for this requirment or is kibana able to do this per Default?

Thank you for your replies.
By the way, I'm from Germany and no native Speaker so I'm sorry if this Information is written anywhere, maybe i did not find or understand it :smiley:


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Hi Alessa - Welcome :slight_smile:

Installing the Shield plugin will accomplish one requirement of multi-tenancy, which is data-level separation. So with Shield, Kibana users will have to log in and all the data stored in Elasticsearch they see will be in the context of permissions configured through Shield. So assuming they don't have rights to a specific index, they won't see any data from that index in any of the dashboards they access.

To accomplish view-level separation, on top of data-level separation, if you need to ensure that users don't see each other's dashboards, at this time you have to install multiple instances of Kibana, one per group of users.

Hope this helps!