Kibtool: manage your Kibana objects with CLI

I just published the first release of kibtool.

If you are managing several Kibana instances (ie. development, preproduction and production) and if you are tired to export/import objects using the Kibana GUI, kibtool CLI is the right tool to reduce your click count!

Comment, question and issues are welcomed, either here or on Github.

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Thank you for your open-source contribution.

A new version 0.2 is out

  • --visu and --search selectors added
  • --check tired to have Kibana complaining about missing visualizations? Use this option to validate your Kibana objects
  • --dry say what will be done without doing it. Could be helpfull before using --delete
  • --delete remove objects
  • bug corrected
  • --count gives the size of search requests used to find object by title

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