Export kibana all data from CLI (Like Export button in kibana)


I need to setup cron and export all kibana data with curl and then use UI to Import .
I tried to get XHR requests from browser
It give me 3 request
But they are not importable

I know that i can use elastic search dump but i will have problem restoring from UI

Any good way for doing this ?

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What version of Kibana are you using? You can probably export the saved objects from the UI, which is necessary if you want to import them with the UI. Alternatively, you can can export/import them through elasticsearch and bypass the UI completely. Exporting from one and importing to the other is not going to work though.

Hi @spalger ,
Thank you for your response.
Im running kibana-5.4.0
Export the saved objects from the UI is working perfectly but
Im looking to export same data from command line with curl.
Is there any way to do that ?

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