Knapsack plugin import export index problem(Only node client and import export)

First I write for my localhost

I create a node client:

Node node = nodeBuilder().settings(nodeSettings).client(true).node();
return node.client();

I did not add Knapsack plugin to my client because I install the plugin my ES server.

I use the client and export my index for localhost es server.

KnapsackExportRequestBuilder requestBuilder = new KnapsackExportRequestBuilder(client)
KnapsackExportResponse knapsackExportResponse = requestBuilder.execute().actionGet();

Everything is good,no problem I export and import my indexes.

BUT...When I write same code for remote ES server.There are problems
First.I install Knapsack plugin my remote ES server.
But When I use the node client (nodeBuilder().settings(nodeSettings).client(true).node():wink:

I get error(KnapsackAction not found).

Then I write other client

Set<Class<? extends Plugin>> plugins = new HashSet<>();
Environment environment = new Environment(nodeSettings);
Node node = new MockNode(environment, plugins);
// AbstractClient client = (AbstractClient)node.client();7
return node.start().client();

But the client start e node and get nosuchndex error.

I want to create only client node and export and import for remote ES server.

Everything is perfect in mylocalhost.