Knowledge of Facechimp with Elasticsearch

I have heard that there is a tool called Facechimp which can work like Google indexing. However, I could not find any reference. Is there anyone who have any knowledge or reference on it?

Thanks in advance.

It's a tool that one of the Elastic Solution Architects has built as a demo, it's not public.

So there is no way to use it temporarily?

Not at the moment sorry, I don't know if there are plans to open it up but I will ask the author.

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Ok. Thanks for the notice. I am looking forward to its launching.:grinning:

Since Facechimp are not available now. I have installed mapper attachment plugin for elasticsearch but since I gone through the Innternet, most of the nets are talking about searching with curl PUT, GET beforehand or type query in the URL. So Is there anyway that can do a normal searching through different documents and pdf with elasticsearch, i.e. with a searching function bar?