Known tribe bug for ES v1.7.1?

(Tin Le) #1

I've been testing ES v1.7.1 before upgrading all our clusters, and noticed a pretty serious bug when using it as tribe.

We are using tribe nodes to aggregate many downstream clusters. Over 90 clusters, 14K indices. Using v1.4.5 tribe node, I can see all downstream nodes and indices. Tested upgrading to 1.7.1 and it see only around 30% of downstream nodes, which also mean many indices are missing.

This is a major bug that is keeping us from upgrading. I've filed a bug with Elastic, just wanted to know if anyone else had similar experience.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Which issue is the one you raised on GH?

(Tin Le) #3

Through Elastic support site since I have paid support. I could open a github ticket too if that helps to track the problem. It's reproduceable for me.

(Mark Walkom) #4

Ahh ok, that's probably the best option then :slight_smile:

However I haven't seen this, but then I haven't seen a great deal of tribe deployments myself.

(system) #5