KQL and scripted fields

Hello, I've been having issues with KQL queries using scripted fields. Specifically, queries on numerical fields using operators such as "<=" or ">" throw the following error when using a Lens : [lens_merge_tables] > [esaggs] > EsError

It looks like I get a more detailed error using an Aggregation (see attached screenshot).
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Interestingly enough, the KQL operator ":" works just fine.

All I am doing in the scripted field is multiplying a numerical field by 2, and there are no missing values.

I am at a complete loss since the Kibana documentation clearly states that all KQL operators are compatible with scripted fields.

I absolutely need to use KQL filtering since I'm using a Filter Ratio in the TSVB tool.

Your support would be much appreciated. Thank you


This seems like a bug indeed. If you're using ES > 7.11 you can solve this issue by changing from scripted fields to runtime fields.
For example, if you had a scripted field like this:
doc['FlightDelayMin'].value * 2

you can change it to a runtime field from the Dev Tools

PUT kibana_sample_data_flights/_mapping
    "runtime": {
      "minz": {
        "type": "long",
        "script": {
          "source": "emit(doc['FlightDelayMin'].value * 2)"

where kibana_sample_data_flights is to be replaced with your index pattern name and minz with your field name.

And this is the issue for the scripted fields error: [kql] Creating filters with numeric scripted fields sends incorrect type · Issue #98761 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hi Marius,

Thank you for your detailed response, using runtime fields did indeed provide a quick fix to my problem. I just saw this morning that a PR was made to solve this bug in Kibana (if I'm not mistaken). My team and I hope that it can be resolved ASAP as we are scheduled to deliver our prototype in the upcoming weeks to be used by non-technical end users who would prefer using scripted fields rather than runtime fields.

Thank you again for your time and support.

Just to manage the expectations, that PR is set to go in 7.14.0 which is still some time away. Right now 7.13.0 is close to being released in a couple weeks and that fix won't get in it due to code freeze. I wouldn't expect 7.14.0 until mid summer :frowning:

Ok, thanks for letting me know, I will pass the message on to my team.

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