KQL Syntax

Does anybody know how to use dev tools? Because I'm thinking about updating the filter of a dashboard directly through python and I don't know how to do it. So, I am thinking of using KQL syntax. 2 questions I have is: does KQL syntax work well with python, and other is how to get a filter id from a dashboard to include it in python?

Hi @Shashank02

I think you can use Saved Object API to retrieve the dashboard you are looking for in python and then update the filter in there.
Would that work for you?

I've tried everything possible but it is showing this error continuously:
error": "no handler found for uri [/s/testspace/api/saved_objects/dashboard/dd97e630-9026-11ed-8702-cf105f8dae1e] and method [GET]"}. Why is it happening?

Do you have the dashboard in a space named testspace?

Actually earlier I did not have it, but then I created a space called "testspace" but I did not add my dashboard to that. Afterward, I copied my dashboard named "main" into the space. Actually, I am doing it in ELastic cloud. I think because of that it is facing some problems. I am changing the required KIBANA URL with my dashboard link but it is still not working. And how do I get to know about the curl host? In saved objects API link that you shared it is asking for that, so I want to know.

This is the dashboard link: https://soc-media-analyzer.kb.ap-south-1.aws.elastic-cloud.com/s/testspace/app/dashboards#/view/ab128bcc I've removed the last 5-6 digits just for my dashboard privacy. Hope you understand. So, this is my dashboard link and as you can see 'testspace' is also mentioned in that URL. Can you tell me how to get the KIBANA URL, Curl host, and curl username?

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