Lab 5.4: petclinic-react not available

Based on lab training, I have complete all steps to view the petclinic-react in the Services overview in Kibana. However, I'm unable to see it (see screenshot).

Not sure what step I may be missing

Very tricky to know what is wrong here - especially based on not seeing any of the work you have done. This lab has a lot of moving parts, so I would recommend doing each step again carefully. If you can't get it working, it would be easier to help you if we could login to your machine and look things over.

Do you see any errors in the logs?

Another point to try is to make sure you reload the browser tab/window where your Petclinic is being viewed. Part of getting the React layer to show up is to have the JS library for the RUM agent loaded on your end. In Chrome, I generally hold Shift while reloading to force a full refresh from the server. Or you can clear your broswer cache, though that would trigger needing to log in to Kibana again.

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