Observability Engineer Strigo - Kibana not ready


I wanted to raise this concern where I couldn't reach the Kibana login page.
Googling resolution to my problem did not help at all. It has been going for a couple of weeks and I couldn't revisit my training and conduct testing.

Docker applications are all started

The only thing I can think of is to reload the images back on its initial clean state. Can you guide me how to do that?

Hi Bren,

Sorry about the problems you're experiencing. When you see "Kibana server is not ready yet" that's often an indication Kibana is still starting. Give it two minutes and it should become available.

If you'd like to reset the labs, you cannot do it yourself, but we can do it for you. Send me a direct message with your email address and I will do it. Please note though, that this will completely reset your lab to its initial state, and you will lose any work you may have saved.


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