Strigo issue during Elasticsearch engineer course

Everything was working fine, until I was logged out for inactivity. Since then I can't get my kibana to work. All I get is the following error:

I have tried restarting multiple times, different browser, restarted the docker containers manually, .... nothing seems to work...

Hi Yannick,

Thanks for reporting. We are looking into this issue.

As a workaround, to access the lab instructions, click on the gear icon:

Copy the address to a new browser tab. This will open the lab instructions.

To access Kibana, do the same, but append :5601 to the address. Like this:

Thanks! That's working!

FYI for anyone who is having similar issues... Kibana2 can be access by appending :5602 to the same address.

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Just an extra pointer: accessing Kibana in this way means you will have to re-visit your Strigo environment occasionally to prevent the lab from pausing due to inactivity.

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