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I have been experimenting with x-pack graph module in Kibana. In our use case we have set of 'nodes' which are related in 'subject' 'predicate' 'object' manner. Is there a way to represent 'predicate' on the connection between 'subject' and 'object'?

In my example, I have set of nodes "Rule_Name" which "detects" a security threat "CVE-XXX". I was able to represent each connection/edge as document which has information about end nodes and their relationship like "subject: Rule_Name --> predicate: Detects --> object:CVE". However in visualization, I was not able to set "detects" as a label, instead my only option was to represent it as separate node.

Is there a way to provide "detects" as label on the edge?

I have come across this thread: Label on Edges?
and @Mark_Harwood said Graph module might be lacking that feature. His quote:

Right now we don't have special UI logic for the special case where one edge = one document but we may look at adding this in future.

Is there any support in current version of graph for these type of relationships?

Thank you.

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No, each edge connecting a pair of terms could represent many documents (perhaps millions) which means there could be different roles/directions describing the pairing of these terms. The use of a "connecting" term as in your example would be one way to clarify the relationship.
However, rather than using a single "detects" term as in your example you could use a unique term to define the relationship e.g. use 2 documents like this:

{ "subject": "ip:xyz", relationship:"ip:XYZ-->detects-->CVE:123" }


{ "threat": "CVE:123", relationship:"ip:XYZ-->detects-->CVE:123" }

This might give you cleaner looking graphs which have less of the "pentagram" look to them (all nodes connected by criss-crossing lines) and instead cleaner separation of relationships.

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