Lapsed time column in a table which needs to be a running time

Hi Guys,

I am busy with a project to create real time dashboards for our workflow. Our POC was successful and I'm busy clarifying the final requirements. One thing which I am stumped with is an elapsed time value which I would rather have inside Kibana/elastic search instead of creating over head in SQL. I want to show a real time running time in a HH24:MI:SS format in a column of a table showing the oldest piece of work and how long it has been there until the next update moves it to the next queue/pool. Any suggestions?

In my logstash I have a TransitionTime which is a timestamp

Thanks in advance

I was thinking a scripted field in an index pattern would solve this but it seems access to "now" isn't available. Is this value something that could be computed when the document gets created in Elasticsearch?

Hi Mike, that is what I was aiming for. I tried all variations of the now timstamp/value and wasn't able to make it work. The functionality would need to either have to be at a Elasticsearch or kibana level rather than a DB level

Hi @RichardBaerveldt you can ask in to see if they have any suggestions.

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