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Anyone experienced compressing large strings (gzip or 7zip) and then store it on Elasticsearch or does it make any sense to compress large strings like 100k chars (not >1 mb) ?

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Elasticsearch uses compression on stored fields already behind the scene.

Thanks for the answer David. Actually, this question kinda related Elasticsearch and i was wondering if i compress the string and store it, at the run time while doing too much decompress should i be aware of high memory usage in c# or Java ?

So you don't want to search for the fields but just store some compressed content?

You can store a binary content in an elasticsearch field. But you need first to convert it to BASE64 so I'm not sure you really want to do that.

I don't understand what kind of problem you are trying to solve here.

Yes, basically i have a document on elastic that i make search on many field and each doc has a text field like "description" and while indexing docs i had some trouble about indexing large string field. So i remove that field from the doc and began to get the text from another data source. In this case, i get the document from elastic but the text. So getting the data from two different data source doesn't make sense to me. Beside Elasticsearch, as a software developer, does it make sense to you that compressing text while indexing and using only ElasticSearch as data source ?

By the way, I apologize for taking your time, related to problem below, should i index only fields that i'll make search on it, or index the whole content and use Elasticsearch as my main data source.

So just add your big text field but don't index it with index: false in the mapping for this big field.

In that way, elasticsearch will still have the big field as part of the _source and _source is compressed by elasticsearch.

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