How to store/compress large string field in index (V6.8)

We are planning to store in the index a large string(error log) with a classifier for future use in a machine learning project. The error log can get to the size of tens of megabytes and we are planning to store tens of thousands+ of documents. how should I define the index or even just the logText field such that it is compressed in elastic, or should I compress it before sending it to Elasticsearch and if so what should I set the field type to be.

Elasticsearch is not really built to handle very large documents efficiently, so if you are not indexing and searching the large text field I would recommend you store it elsewhere, e.g. S3, and just include a link in the document.

I would also recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Elasticsearch as the version you are using is very old and has been EOL for quite a while.

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