Latency between nodes


I want to know how much latency between nodes affects performance?
At this time I have 8 nodes which include: 3 data node, 3 master node, and 2 client node.
All of the nodes are in the same datacenter with 0.2 ms latency. but I decided to replace 3 data nodes with new ones but unfortunately, I should place 3 new data nodes on another datacenter with 2.4 - 3.2 ms latency.
Is this latency makes any problem on my cluster performance?
Please keep in mind that in the second scenario all data nodes will be in the same datacenter but the connection with master and client nodes on other datacenter has 2-3 ms latency.

I expect it'll be a bit slower, particularly because of the client/data connections, but we can't really say if it'll make enough difference to matter. Elasticsearch will still work correctly in this situation.

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