Latency time increase when switched Elastic Search from Heroku env addon to elastic cloud env

Our search API is hosted on the AWS environment. Previously we had an add-on on Heroku env for elastic search (v6.7.2) DB. The latency time for the query execution from the search API was less than 500 ms. When we moved the same elastic search with the same indices, data, and with the same env configurations to the elastic cloud (on AWS cloud) but a different version (v7.8), the query execution time from our application has increased to almost 1 second (twice), and sometimes its more than 3 times on what was on Heroku. So, when we run a load test with more than 200 users/sec, more than 10% of the queries are timing out.
How can we reduce the overall time while executing the query on the elastic cloud?

Are they running in the same AWS region? Is the resources allocated to it the same?

Yes the region is same...But the resources are different... our app is under our AWS account

How do the two clusters compare with respect to resources?

they are similar in configuration, only difference being heroku is on 6.7.2 version and elastic cloud is 7.8.2 version

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