New version response time is slower than older version

Currently I am using Elastic Search version 1.7 but i want to migrate on newer version 8.14 but query response time is slower than older version .
Approx 3x time slower ,but i am using same data on both version and Elastic hosted on AWS EC2 which configuration of both system is same , and output of query is same on both server .
Please help .

If anyone is going to be able to assist you most likely need to provide a lot more information around the data, indices, mappings, query types and hardware. It would also be useful to see what type of queries you are seeing issues with and what latencies you are experiencing. I have, like meny others, not used Elasticsearch 1.7 in a long time so will unlikely be able to help much.

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I have two indices
healthquotes 3.76Gi/3.76Gi 1.66M 0

Query :slight_smile:

Hardware 32 GB Ram and i7 Amazon EC2 instance

  • "took": 199,
  • "timed_out": false,
  • "_shards": {
    • "total": 5,
    • "successful": 5,
    • "skipped": 0,
    • "failed": 0},
  • "hits": {
    • "total": {
      • "value": 276,
      • "relation": "eq"