Latest on (simple) Public Visualization hosted in iframe?

I am new to kibana. I saw that there was a previous question about making a kibana visualizationb public, but it involved some extra steps more than just hosting it in an iframe. It referenced a github issue for it but I could not immediately tell what the resolution was.

So... is it possible to create a kibana visualization that you host in an iframe on an arbitrary site by simply pointing the iframe src at it?


That's definitely possible, but there are some security considerations. Linking to the Kibana instance in a public resource means that the Kibana instance would also need to be accessible from the public. If you're using our commercial security product, or some kind of proxy to control access, this is ok, assuming you have everything set up correctly. If not, that means everything you have in Kibana will be accessible, and modifiable, by anyone. If this is an internal project, maybe that's OK, but that's really bad if this is something more broadly available.

thanks - not familiar yet with the proxy approach in this context, but I take it that that approach would work. Will look into it.

I haven't even looked into the pricing of the commercial product yet...

Yeah, even if you haven't used a proxy before, the idea is pretty simple:

user -> proxy -> kibana

The outside world can't access Kibana directly, and you use the proxy to handle the authentication for you. Basic auth is the easiest to configure, but that's certainly not your only choice.

This is a dated, but still relevant, post on using proxies for various things, including authentication (the nginx config example mostly likely still works today):

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