How to use the iframe on an external page already authenticated

It would be possible, for example, from the tooth of another web tool, like: zabbix, to access a kibana dash.
My intention is to get from within zabbix, create a page that opens a graphic of the kibana, without the person having to access another web page and log in and password.
can be something basic without security, because it will be something internal and only view, for example I can create a user only view and pass automatically when entering inside zabbix for example.

You can create an anonymous user and grant that user access to view the parts of Kibana that you need to show.

You will also need a proxy endpoint that attaches the anonymous user's credentials to the headers of requests, via Basic authorization. See Auto-authenticating to iframe-embedded Kibana dashboard - #4 by tsullivan

When embedding the iFrame code, the address to Kibana should be the address to the proxy endpoint.

Then when your coworkers visit the web tool that has Kibana embedded, the requests go through the proxy instead of directly to the Kibana server. The proxy bypasses interactive logins by automatically authenticating each request as the anonymous user.

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