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Hi all,

I want to plot a coordinate map with only the latest records of an index. My problem is that the timestamp is different for each type of document I want to show. Is this possible? I have scrapped the whole internet and I can't find the answer..

Thank you,
Fernando Costa

(Chris Roberson) #2

Hi @fernando.costa,

What do you mean the timestamp is different for each type of document? Do you mean it's in a different field, or it's represented differently?

(Fernando Costa) #3

Hi Chris,

I mean that my data has different "collect" times. Example: I have some data that is collected every 15 min, other every 3 hours, other every month. I want to represent only the latest values,based on the timestamp, of each type of data in the same coordinate map. Is it possible or am I asking the wrong question?

Best Regards,
Fernando Costa

(Chris Roberson) #4

Unfortunately, that's not possible but feel free to open a feature request and follow progress there

(Fernando Costa) #5

To everyone also trying to get the latest record, I found a way to do it. User the filter in the "Discover" tab to create a saved search with the latest records.


  • dataOne; refreshed every 5 min.
  • dataTwo: refreshed every 30 days.

Filter Example:
(datatype : "dataOne" and timestamp >= now-5m) or (datatype : "dataTwo" and timestamp >= now-30d).

This way you get the latest records of each type!

I hope it helps anothers like me.

Thank you,
Fernando Costa

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