LDA/Topic modeling

Has anyone tried doing LDA/Topic modeling with elasticsearch? I'm using elasticsearch to index all my documents and was hoping to find a way to extract all the words per doc. So far only term_vectors might possibly be helpful but I'm having other issues with them right now. Anyone tried anything like this?

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I am also looking for the same.please ,can you help me?

I am also looking for the same topic modelling and i want to extract all the topics from the documents.

Please help anyone.


Is there any queries to extract topics and relevance from index in elastic search?

Hiya, I havn't found anything yet that suggests elasticsearch does LDA out of the box but this person has hooked it up to alchemyAPI to do some sentiment analysis and I wonder if something similar is possible for LDA? Or even to hook up to elastic search through R or Python and then use other functions in collaboration with elasticsearch service?