Semantic search in Elasticsearch

Is there any kind of semantic search in Elasticsearch or using a plugin or another technologie combined with Elasticsearch.

Semantic search is a pretty large topic. Can you elaborate on what problem you want to solve? That might make it easier to help you find a solution.


I have some operational data in ES like products, brands, places... and in the client side, the user puts his text for search and according to his text, i can find topics related to what he want...

For example, if we have a document in ES containing the word "football" , if i submit a search containing "sport", i get the document containing "football" as a result.

I hope, it make sense.

Others may have better answers here - if it's really just a limited set of documents, I'd probably start with synonyms.

As for more advanced approaches involving ontologies, LDA and friends I'm not aware of any out of the box solution, a quick search on my side didn't reveal too many detailed guides neither...

I'm looking for something advanced and out of the box...

Thank you very much anyway, i appreciate it :slight_smile: