How to achieve semantic search with ElasticSearch 8.4.2?

How to achieve semantic search with Elasticsearch 8.4.2?

Hi guys,

I have a basic understanding of adding semantic search support for ES and added them below.

It would be beneficial if you guys share some working examples/code snippets for Semantic Elastic Search functionality.

What’s a semantic search?

It understands the contextual meaning of the word being used for search.

How to achieve semantic search?

Also I have seen a working example of integrating ES with SemanticSearch:
Uploading: sematnic_search.drawio.png...

Reference: Pythonist: Power of Semantics Search combined with Elastic Search | ML on ELK

This blog describes what we have now: How to deploy NLP: Text Embeddings and Vector Search | Elastic Blog

We're planning to make this easier to use in the future by combining the _infer and _knn_search steps for doing a search into a single API call. But this isn't in 8.4.2.

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