App search - Semantic search and machine learning NLP models

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The following webinar "Introduction to NLP models and vector search" gives a very nice demo on uploading and using NLP models to improve search relevance. However, it might seem it is only focused on core Elasticsearch:

I am wondering can that be integrated with Elastic Enterprise App Search ? Concretely, I would like to know how to integrate NLP models for semantic search into engines within App Search ?

Secondly, and putting things into context, I currently have an engine for an entity Courses which I populate through the API, I later use the Search UI provided by App Search which behind the scenes uses the API /api/as/v1/engines/courses/search.json: results would then reflect the relevance configuration done in the engine. I would like to know then: what is the approach to mix this regular engine search and the NLP _infer + _knn_search search showcased in the demo if we are building a UI that should benefit from both to improve relevance ? How do they play along together ?

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Hi Gerardo!

I think the short answer is that they are two entirely different relevancy models and they do not work together.

To do that you might want look into either using Elasticsearch directly OR using elasticsearch index engines in App Search.

I don't know what would be the best approach in your situation. Elasticsearch is outside of scope of this subforum, and Elasticsearch index engines is a technical preview feature that is not covered by support currently.

Maybe just App Search without NLP will be enough for your use-case? It has great relevance controls, so you could fine-tune the relevance to suit your needs.

Hi @Vadim_Yakhin, thanks for your answer :+1:

Maybe just App Search without NLP will be enough for your use-case?

I am currently assessing App search's features and wanted to know if now or in the future it would provide support for semantic search scenarios and how.

  • Am I right to say then that App Search does not support semantic search/ NLP features ?
  • Do you happen to know if there is anything regarding this or machine learning related within's App search's roadmap ?

Thanks again for your help and time !


Hi @Vadim_Yakhin,

Friendly ping so see if you could answer my questions above ?

Thanks in advance

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