Learning Modules that *do not* require cloud access?

Hi, looking for some help, I can extend my Cloud access by 7 days but if possible would like to leave that towards the end of my learning slot, does anyone know which of these modules do not require Cloud access? Thanks in advance:

  • App Search Fundamentals
  • Data Analysis with Kibana
  • ECE Fundamentals
  • Web Crawler Fundamentals

Hi Mark,

Data Analysis with Kibana and ECE Fundamentals do not use Elastic Cloud for the labs. Web Crawler Fundamentals and App Search Fundamentals do use Elastic Cloud.

Thanks Abdon!, that's a great help!!! I can time my Cloud extension now!
All the best,


I have an extended list now as to the modules that do not require cloud access thanks in advance:
Elastic Endgame Fundamentals.
Elastic Observability Engineer.
Elastic Security Fundamentals.
Elastic Engineer.
Fundamentals of securing Elastic.
Any help would be appreciated,


Hi Mark,

None of these courses require cloud access.


Hi and thanks Abdon,

much appreciated.

All the best,



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