Training on Cloud when Free trial has lapsed

Hi, following having the Free access to the cloud for the free training modules, now I am attempting to complete the Lab: Introduction to Elastic App Search but it is prompting me for payment details as the 3 month job has lapsed. Surely if I am enrolled on the main courses this wouldn't occur?

If your trial has expired, you can extend it for another 7 days. Log in to the Cloud console at and click on the trial badge at the top right corner of the console, where the text reads "Trial expired". Then click "Need more time" and follow the instructions to get a self-serve extension. This will add 7 extra days to your trial.

When you talk about the main courses - are your referring Elastic Observability Engineer, Elasticsearch Engineer, and Data Analysis with Kibana? Note that these courses do not use Elastic Cloud, so you will not need a valid Cloud trial.

Hi, unfortunately when I go to that site I am presented with a "Trial expired" but at the top left of the console, no option to extend. I know I haven't used cloud since I did a "taster" module 3 months ago so I really do not know what's going on.

Any help appreciated,

Extending the trial is less obvious than I posted earlier. Sorry about this. Try the following instead:

  1. Log in to the Elastic Cloud console at
  2. Click Elasticsearch Service in the top left (next to "Trial expired")
  3. Click Create deployment
  4. You'll see a popup that states "Your trial is over". Click Need more time?
  5. Enter some details in the form, and click Extend trial

You should then be able to create a new deployment.

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