Elastic cloud search service console [trial expired for my account]

Hi Team,

I have been enrolled/subscribed in the training session for the elastic search and my subscription is valid till 1st Oct 20221.
When I try access the elastic cloud search service console with my credential (subscription one and able to login into training session) , it prompts me the message “trial expired” and unable to create any deployment.
can you please look into this issue and assist me.

Hi Amit,

Thank you for contacting us. Your Training Subscription Seat is indeed valid until Oct 2021 but what you may be referring to is your Elastic Cloud Subscription. You had a trial account that seem to have expired.

Cloud Trial Users can extend via the console when their trial has expired. Click on the trial badge at the top right corner of the console, where the text reads Trial expired. Then click 'Need more time' and follow the instructions to get a self-serve extension. This will add 7 extra days to trial. This option is only available ONE TIME.

Please note, after one extension, the trial period will end and it will ask for payment information.

If you would have any more questions, please contact us at training@elastic.co so that we can assist you in the most timely and accurate manner.

Have a good rest of the day!
Elastic Training Operations

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Thanks for the reply.
Does this mean , Elastic Cloud Subscription and Training subscription are two different account. if I have been enrolled in the Training subscription it is not necessary that the same credential will work on Elastic cloud subscription. I need to purchase the "Elastic Cloud Subscription" .Also i can access the lab session with my free account only .

Please correct me if understanding is wrong over here .

Hi Amit,

Our training is now connected to the Cloud login so you should be accessing both the Learning Management System and the Cloud Portal with the same username, but the training subscription and the cloud subscription are two different products. I hope this clarified things for you.


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