Elastic Cloud create trial deployment not working

I have created a account for Elastic Cloud and it says "Trial started" in the top corner.
However when I try to create a deployment it says "Your trial period has expired."
Anyone else experiencing this?

Hey @Henr1k,

Thanks for reporting this issue! This forum is meant to discuss Elasticsearch. For future issues related to Elastic Cloud please make sure to follow these instructions https://www.elastic.co/cloud/elasticsearch-service/support.

We will notify our engineering team to verify there are no issue. Please try again shortly or open a ticket based on the instructions in the provided link.

Hi @Henr1k ,

Just wanted to circle back and let you know the issue is resolved. You should now be able to to spin up a new deployment in your trial account.

Hi @zanbel, great I can confirm it works. Thank you!

Yeah. I realized it was in the wrong section and moved it to the generic Elasticsearch section and I can see that I am not the first to make the same mistake :slight_smile: Maybe a Elastic Cloud section could make sense if there is enough volume.
I tried creating a ticket but I couldn't login. Maybe is was related to the trial not working, but I assumed trial users couldn't create tickets and posted here :slight_smile:

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