Deployment a cluster in Elastic Cloud


I am new in Elastic and today i did create a trial account in Elastic Cloud till there everything was fine but the problem came when i´ve tried to create my first deployment.

I left all the default settings for the trial and I´ve choose the AWS I/O Optimized. When i press create deployment is telling me that i already have one and the trial don´t allow me so ok, i come back to deployment tap and nothing is there, the only option I´ve got is to create a new one.

If I go to the Account tap there i can see this

But if I go to see that deployment is not there so i do not understand what is going on or what i did wrong.

Any help will be much appreciatte

Hi! Sorry you ran into problems. That "NaN" under Hours makes it look as though something went wrong!

Could you file an issue at, and someone will sort your account/deployment out.

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Hi Alex,

Yeah it looks like it, That NaN i don´t know what means.

Ok, I will send an email to see if the can sort it out.

Many thanks for take the time to reply me

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