Legends on map

Is there a way to adjust the number template on the legends on a Kibana map.
For e.g. it is currently showing the full length for large numbers. what if we want to show the numbers trimmed as $1000k etc. instead of the entire length?

Number templates in the Legend are based on Kibana field formatters. These are set for each field in the Data View settings (previously known as Index Patterns in Kibana <8.0).

Your screenshot is a little blurry, but it looks like your field name is Abs Delta $. Assuming you are using Kibana version >=8.0, find and edit that field in your Data view (Stack Management - Data Views). Change the Numeral.js format pattern to $0,0aK as seen in my example screenshot below and save your changes. You can find this and more patterns in the Numeral formatting documentation.

Now your legend should show the format you set for that field in the Data view.

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Understand, thanks a lot

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