Heatmap number format

How do I specify the number format here. I want to show zero decimal places.


You can edit the field formatting for your field.
This can be done like so:

  • go to management -> Index patterns
  • find the field that you're displaying in the heatmap and click on the Edit button on the right (small pencil icon)
  • change the format to number and there you can define how many decimal places you want to show

Thanks for your response. Did it actually work for you? It made no difference for me.

Did you edit the "Numeral.js format pattern" so that it doesn't show any decimal places?

Yes. I did this..

I also observed same problem with scripted and non-scripted fields.

If I use max instead of sum, I can get inconsistent number format like this..

That looks really weird. I'll investigate this locally.
Also, fwiw, the missing labels in those cells is due to the size of the number, as it wouldn't fit. But the ones that still show decimal places are really weird.
What version of Kibana are you using?

Version: 5.2.0
Thanks very much.

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