Lens not running in 8.2.0


Recently installed 8.2.0 and everything is working except Lens. You click on the create visualisation and it simply goes to a blank screen. You have the normal kibana gui wrap around, like menus etc.
Nothing in the logs to indicate a problem.


I have a running 8.2.0 on my local and I do see Lens working. Can you try opening in an incognito window and check, may be clear all caches n cookies and check too.

What do the logs suggest ?



The logs didnt show anything but i was able to find what the problem was today. The environment is air gapped so I believe because maps cant access the maps service it causes the whole of lens to fail.

Thread I found:

Disabling the EMS service should temporary solve the issue.
To disable the EMS service add map.includeElasticMapsService: false in kibana.yml .

This resolved the problem.

If this is the cause I believe this was resolved in a patch release for 8.2 and in 8.3

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Ok thanks

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