License enquiry for using elasticsearch in a lab enviornment to teach students


This topic is in regarding the Elastic License.

First of all, I'd like to say Great Work! I'm really impressed with elastic search.

I'm a teacher and I take online classes, I also have a paid lab environment where students can follow my video and perform the activity accordingly. For e.g I've SQL, NoSQL databases preinstalled, students can interact with them and learn SQL/NoSQL in the lab environment.

I was planning on adding on Elastic search, so that students can interact with it and learn how to perform operations on elastic search.

I went through the Elastic License and I wanted to verify whether I can use the commercial code and deploy elastic search for teaching in a lab environment to students online.

I'm hoping using elastic search in the lab environment will come under section 6.8 "Non-production Environment".



Sure you can.
You can also use it in production for your own needs.

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