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I am new to Elastic Stack. We are looking at embedding Kibana dashboard inside our application. We are planning to go with the Basic version of Elastic stack(free version) to begin with. However, we want to have the authentication option enabled. I am aware that it is part of the Basic version now. But, I do not want the user to login(again) separately to Kibana dashboard console to access that instance inside our web application. When I explored the forums, they say we can have reverse proxy option to handle this scenario, but it is not the ideal solution for us. We would like to go for SSO model. Came to know that SSO is part of the higher license model. I would like to know if we can buy only the SSO module of security alone as a license so that we will use Basic + SSO to solve our problem. Appreciate your detailed response on the same. Also, the pricing model for SSO option would be great.


No you can't have one single feature. The platinum license comes as a whole set of features.

But you should definitely engage with your sales rep. Are you looking for this on

Thanks David. Appreciate your quick response. Noted that I can't have one single feature. Do you have any idea on what is the minimum license requirement to procure SSO option in Elastic stack. Thanks again.

Sure. This page says it: Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic

You need a platinum license

Thanks David. Much appreciated.

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