License requirements to implement ILM

In order to evaluate its potential to help on our daily operations, I have deployed Elastic Search and Kibana (7.7.1 with BASIC license) and created an index template for Ntopng (our monitoring platform).

So far so good but I've reached the point where I need to start deleting indexes as the disk space is dwindling fast. I'd like to do it automatically, like every 20 days or so, therefore I created an Index Lifecycle Policy and applied it to my index template.

My question is, does the Basic license will permits that? or do I need a X-Pack license? I'm a bit confused because in the Elastic Stack subscriptions page, Basic ILM coverage is checked:

But the tutorial that describes ILM implementation suggests thet X-Pack is needed:

To sum up, Is it possible to implement rollover of indexes and ILM with a Basic license?


Yes, ILM is available at the Basic level.

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