Life Cycle Policies: Alias for rollover index

Kibana version : 7.10.0

Elasticsearch version : 7.10.0

Filebeat version : 7.10.0

Logstash version : 7.10.0

Good day,

I'm trying to set up a lifecycle management for my indices. Therefore I created two index templates. One for each type of my logs.

My Problem comes with adding a lifecycle policy to my index templates. I'm asked for a 'alias for rollover index'.

I tried to leave it blank and got an error saying:

"lifecycle error alias empty or not defined"

I tried to state different aliases like:

'filebeat-tomcat', 'filebeat-tomcat-000001' or 'filebeat-tomcat-7.10.0-000001'

an got the error:

"index lifecycle rollover_alias does not point to index"

My logs are collected by Filebeat and shipped to Logstash.

Or should I use the Logstash ILM ( instead ?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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