Lifecycling of rollup index

I would want to lifecycle the rollup index. Is there any way we can do it?

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Welcome to the community. There is ILM documentation that can help you in this scenario.
ILM: Manage the index lifecycle | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

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I'm not life cycling of normal index. I'm talking about life cycling of rollup index(indices created by rollup job). I don't find a way to do it. Please provide me with the steps if I can do it.


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One way you can explore is by creating an ILM policy for your index rollups, using the index template. When you configure your template, you can put in the index patterns field the [index rollup name] you want to configure. After that just apply the ILM policy to your index rollup. Which you can configure through kibana > Stack Management > Index Management > check the include rollup indices flag > select your index rollup > click on the edit settings tab > add the ILM policy settings.

Here are some steps I took to test:


Step 2


This link has step-by-step instructions that can also help you:
Tutorial: Automate rollover with ILM | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

Thanks for your response and putting efforts to test this but did you test this rollover of rollup index is working fine? Have you verified that rollup index rolls over to new index when it hits the ILM conditions? If yes, can you put the SS of your rollup job and rollup index template so that I can also sync up.

I'm totally confused with your suggestion. If we are applying ILM directly to the index(rollup index in our case), why we would even create an index template in the first place. Also there is a concept of setting an alias to the write index for rollover to work properly. What about that?

I have verified that my test does not work as expected. The indexes were not created as defined in the ILM policy :confused:

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