Likes and favourite item search and storage


I'm looking for the best practise for recording 'likes' of an item.

If I have a document

'name' : 'Dave',
'age' : 40,
'album' : 'foo'

If people decide to 'like' 'Daves' album 'foo'. Where is the best place to
store these 'likes'? in the document?

'name' : 'Dave',
'age' : 40,
'album' : 'foo',
'likes' : {

Or store the likes in a different type? Because When I return results for
albums, Dave's album should rank higher because that album has more likes.
But also I want to show how many likes the album has. But with people
liking and un-liking albums, I want to avoid conflicts with updates.

So what is the best approach? Should I put everything into a queue? How
will I query and arrange by number of likes if the documents are separated?


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