Limit of total fields ... has been exceeded

Hi there,

using winlogbeat-7.5.0-windows-x86_64 on different Windows OS (2012R2,2016,10,...) we're regularly hitting the es (7.4.1) field limitation for our daily indices ("logstash-winlogbeat-%{+YYYY.MM}"). Logstash does no filtering, just "input { beats { port => 57514 } }". My questions:

  • Is this expected when using winlogbeat?
  • Can I configure the field limit in logstash?

If you need any further information, let me know.

Thank you!

Sounds like you aren't using the index template provided by Winlogbeat. It should set a higher total field limit if used. I think it puts index.mapping.total_fields.limit: 10000 into the index template settings.

With index naming of logstash-winlogbeat-* you'll need to either configure Winlogbeat with the appropriate index pattern settings before running setup against Elasticsearch. Or export the template to file from Winlogbeat and then hand modify it to apply to the logstash-winlogbeat-* index pattern. See the documentation about installing the index template for more details.

Hi Andrew,

thanks, that was the case. We were shipping to logstash and not managing any templates.

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