Limit on number of nodes in Amazon ElasticSearch Service


When I try to create nodes in my Amazon Elasticsearch cluster, it gives me limit of only 10 nodes(instant types) per cluster. Is it like I can not create more than 10 nodes in Amazon ElasticSearch cluster? Or is there any way by which I can increase the number of instant types(or nodes) ?


You need to ask on the AWS forums, we cannot help there.

However our own hosted ES service - - has no such limitation.

AWS ES has always had a 10 instance limit. You can see this in their documentation at

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Updating this per recent AES update.
AES now (Oct. 2016) allows a maximum of 20 data nodes, plus a maximum of 5 master nodes, for a total max of 25 nodes.
EBS is limited to 512GB per data node for sizes m3.large and above, 100GB per data node for m3.medium, and 35GB per data node for all t2 instances.