Max Number of Elasticsearch Data nodes

Is there any limit on the number of data nodes which can be used in a elasticsearch cluster?
Whether a cluster can have around 100 data nodes?

There's probably...
I have heard about clusters with 300+ nodes.

But this come with challenges. If you have multiple use cases it's better to have different clusters. And ideally elastic cloud enterprise.. :wink:

This often comes down to the size of the cluster state, how often it needs to be updated and how long this takes. The cluster state stores all mappings and information about indices and shards. The more of these you have the larger it gets and the longer it will typically take to apply updates. How long it takes to distribute these to all nodes in the cluster often depends on the number of nodes in the cluster.

The optimal size for your cluster is therefore likely to depend on how well you optimise your data as well as the infrastructure and the load the cluster is under.

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