Limit to indices in a Query

(Ewerton Godoi Fiel) #1

I'd like to know if there is a limit to the number of indices I can query using the multi-index API.

For example, if a have a cluster that create new small sized indices in a daily basis and I need to query all of them, will I have a problem when the number of indices were too high, like 500 or 1000 ?

(Jakub Kluvánek) #2

I think, that it is not good idea. The request must go to every index, that matches your pattern and then results must be merged back again...
I recommend you to create monthly indices.. so you decrease the number of indices 30x which is much better. You can also make some app-optimizations and send request to apropriate index/indices (depending on requested date-range).

(Ewerton Godoi Fiel) #3

Thanks kluvi, and I know that this method is not by far the most optimized, but at the moment that is not a concern, what I am really seeking is if there are any API limitations about the number of indices in a query, like there is about the number of fields a doc may contain and if there is, if I can change it.

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