Multi index "_search" endpoint , how many indices can we search at a time is there any limit?

Hello Team,

I am using multi index _search api, which is like below, i want to know what is the limit or how many indices we can search multiple

GET : http://localhost:9200/20200515,20200514,20200517/_search

As we know GET has some limit of characters in , is there any limit also on this _search endpoint for multi index search

I do not know what the HTTP limit is, but would like to point out that you also can use wildcards to address many indices and make the string shorter. I do not think Elasticsearch imposes any limit but querying lots of indices naturally has performance implications.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist , okay thanks for wildcard we can use ,
I mean HTTP GET has some limit suppose say if i am using tomcat server than (8 KB) , that time when prepare the index GET URL in tomcat server i gets the error if its size is more thank 8KB , so i thought if elastic search GET multi index has an issue with size or not , Thanks for your answer i am fine .

Can you let me know any alternate way of using multi index , since the multi index has performance implication .

Querying multiple indices in itself does not have performance implications and is widely used, so I am sorry I was not clear on this. Having very large numbers of small indices can however be quite inefficient, which is what I was referring to.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist for your prompt response , I am fine with this answer

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