Limitation in dashboard creation


I have a series of data that I load daily with the following information:

  • Username
  • assigned quota
  • quota used
  • last connection

I'm trying to create a series of dashboards to graphically collect some results that we need to display.

The graph that I am trying to assemble is to get the top-10 of users with the most quota used. Monto graphs it by facing the user with the last_value field (assigned quota). The problem is that if I configure this graph in this way, it draws the first 10 users ordered by the "username" field, so I cannot see the users with the highest quota used. However, if I calculate the median or the mean of the assigned quota field, it does show me the users not sorted alphabetically but by the value of the calculation of this field.

Is there any chance that using "last_value" doesn't sort me by username? Last_value is the most real value that I can obtain and the one that I would be most interested in showing in the graph.

Thank you very much in advance.

If you're using Lens, you can configure the "Rank by" as you desire:

Thank you very much for the reply.

This is how I have configured the graph to show users and user quotas for the field "last_value"

If I go to the vertical axis to sort, only these two sort options appear, by alphabetical order and by rarity. I can't sort by last_value(used_quota) field


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