How to make Kibana (4.4) always display the latest output at the top?


I am new to Kibana and I have some visuals that display certain errors with time of occurrence and their count. I find that when I load the dashboard, the timestamp is in random order. I can manually sort it in ascending or descending order, but next time the dashboard is loaded, it goes back to its old ways - even though I save the visual with the same name! How can I ensure that the "latest" values are always displayed on top of the list ? I noticed that the search object displays:


but the visualization object does not display the info in descending order, unless I manually sort the values within the object.

Appreciate your response, if someone please show me how I can ensure that the values are always displayed in descending order when the dashboard is loaded.

Thanks in advance!!

seems to be a known issue with Kibana dashboard where values are not sorted the way we want.

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Can you link us to the GH issue, it might be useful for others too :slight_smile:

Not so sure but this should be the one in question

Thank you, Anh. Checked the GH ... hope the issue gets fixed in ver 5.