Linguistic analysis

Hi Elasticsearch experts!

I would like to ask a question concerning the possibility of linguistic analysis. Can I handle the incoming text stream with the help of Elastic stack so that I get an analysis of key phrases, negative, positive or neutral mood of the text and so on?
If there is such a possibility, please, tell me the right direction, what to read, how to try it and so on.

Thank you!

It can be quite domain-specific. "Upset" in the context of Amazon seller reviews might be "didn't respond" while upset in the context of a restaurant review might be "cold"
If you have some structured data e.g. a star rating then you can learn the words or phrases that are strong predictors for each rating. I recommend querying for a rating e.g. 1 or 2 stars and using the new significant_text aggregation on text content indexed with shingles of size 2.

Using this approach on real review data I learned that the biggest predictor for a 3 star rating is the word "but" - as in, "the service was good, but...."

Hope this helps.

Yes, I understand your idea. Thank you. But it's a little not that. I meant the functionality of the Amazon Comprehend. Is it possible?

Ah, I originally thought you were just looking for sentiment analysis.
Here's a couple of links for broader NLP:

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Great! Thank you! Will review it.

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