Link Between indices (Geojson + data)

Hello all,

I am using ELK in version 7.17.2 and I need some help.
I have 1 Geojson document with the location of my switches (around 80 switches).
And I have some indices (logstash-DD-MM-YYYY) about these switches.
In my indices logstash* and the Geojson document I have a field "Switch=XXX"
I have created a map with the geojson document.
And now I would like to have an interactive map, so when in my indices logstash* I have an error, the switch in the map is red or something like that.
Is it possible to link these 2 elements ?
I have tried to create an index patterns "logst*" with logstash* elements and geojson elements but it's not working.

Thanks for your help

You can use term joins to visualize your switches by logst* with errors.

To do this:

  • In your map, click "Add layer"
  • select "Choropleth" card
  • Under " Boundaries source"
    • select "Points, lines, and polygons from Elasticsearch"
    • select your switches index pattern
    • Set "join field" to the field containing the switch id
  • Under "Statistics source"
    • select "logst*" index pattern
    • Set "join field" to the field containing the switch id
  • Click "Add layer"
  • In the layer editor "Term joins" panel, click the where clause to add a filter to "logst*" to filter for errors
  • In the layer editor "Layer style" panel, under "Fill color", select "Custom color ramp". Add a row to show red when the count is equal to one or more.


Thanks a lot !
It's exactly that !

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