Link to an image file in Kibana

In Kibana Index Patterns there is a field that contains a link to an image.
The image is saved on my local machine, so to open the image in the chrome explorer I have to put the url: "file://thePath/fileName.png".
In Kibana I want to view the image, so clicking about it will open it in a new tab.
I set the format of the field to URL, and the URT TEMPLATE to "file:{{rawValue}}".
The issue: In Discover view there is an error ("Not Found"). I saw that the href of the image is: "http://kibanaServerName:5601//file:\thePath\fileName.png"
Why the Kibana adds the "http://kibanaServerName:5601//" at the begining of the URL?
How can I change this?

Don't you need to set the URL template to file://{{rawValue}}, not file:{{rawValue}}?

This could be a bug though, we only handle http:// and https:// URLs with special cases

It does'nt work also in template file://{{rawValue}}.

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